Parlier Cemetery District

The Parlier Cemetery District

The Parlier Cemetery District (“District”) was formed in 1926 to provide burial and human remains to meet the cultural, economic, religious, and social needs within the Parlier interment of The District is an independent special district governed by a five-member board of trustees. The Fresno County Board of Supervisor representing District four appoints eligible trustees to four-year terms. Candidates eligible to serve as trustees must be a registered voter and resident within the District’s service area boundaries. The board of trustees is solely responsible for all aspects of the District’s operations. State legislation authorizes the board of trustees to appoint a general manager to oversee the District’s daily operations. The District’s general manager is assisted by two grounds persons.



The District is located in south central Fresno County. The District’s boundaries are generally bounded by Central Avenue on the north, Bethel Avenue on the west, Rose Avenue on the south, and Lac Jac Avenue on the east (see Figure 1). The District’s service area and sphere of influence (SOI) are coterminous and encompasses 12,681 acres.

The District is enclosed by similar public cemetery district on all of its sides. The District abuts with Sanger-Del Rey Cemetery District to the north, Selma Cemetery District to the west, and Reedley Cemetery to the east, and Kingsburg Cemetery to the south. Unlike most other special districts, cemetery districts do not hold a monopoly on services they provide within their jurisdictional boundaries. Private cemeteries, both religious and secular, can and do compete with public cemeteries particularly in more urbanized areas. As such, various private cemeteries can exist inside the jurisdictional boundaries of a public cemetery district.

Main east to west classified streets within the District are primarily arterial streets that include but not limited to Jefferson Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Adams Avenue, Manning Avenue, and Rose Avenue. Likewise, north to south arterial streets include Academy Avenue, Newmark Avenue, Zediker Avenue, Academy Avenue, and Smith Avenue


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