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Dellinger Fabrication has evolved from over 50 years’ experience of family-owned, veteran businesses that saw a void in business needs and strived to fill that void.  Located in the Hickory, North Carolina area, our background ranges from pumping septic tanks and grease traps to servicing portable toilets. “So, when my sister, who owns A Sani-Can Service, a portable toilet company, complained to me about the unavailability of new tanks and trucks for her pumping needs it just seemed a natural progression of our business to fill that gap.” said Gabe Dellinger, co-owner of Dellinger Fabrication.  She lost two pump trucks due to accidents and was told that delivery of a new pump truck would be 4-6 months.  That’s a serious problem for a business!

Gabe says they were fortunate to have two people on their team that have an extensive background in welding and building pump tank products.  There is so much involved in creating a quality pump tank and a functional truck/tank product.  As with all things, there is always a learning curve.  We are continually reaching out to learn with each and every product that we manufacture.

Trucks for pumping septic tanks and trucks for pumping portable toilets have different specific requirements. Types of pumps and hoses, as well as the placement of these on the truck makes a difference in operating efficiently.  We quickly learned that the quality of steel and aluminum used drives the final quality of the end product.  “I guess it helped to have a demanding sister,” laughs Gabe. “because she wanted hoses and specialty work stations, among other things, in certain locations on the trucks to make it most convenient for her service technicians.  It pushed us to create a high-quality product!  My sister often services her own portable toilets and she’s just a little over five feet tall, so we learned that the placement of equipment was essential to getting the job done efficiently.”

Early in the development process we realized that a quality pump tank is just the beginning.  We are fortunate to have knowledgeable suppliers who work with us to ensure the products we use fit the needs of our customers.  When a new pump truck rolls off of your yard, it is much more than just a tank on a truck.  We are continually building on a solid quality control program to produce the best product.

After reaching out to the pumping industry, we realized that there was not only a real need, but quite a demand for timely delivery of new pump trucks and replacement pump tanks.  When a portable toilet or septic tank pumping company has a truck go down unexpectedly, they can’t wait 4-6 months to get a replacement truck.  Their business depends on these trucks.  The pumping industry is a vital and growing industry in communities across the country. It is our goal to be able to provide the quality equipment they need within reasonable time frames to get their jobs done.

Our Services

– Aluminum Tanks

– Steel Tanks

– Split Tanks

– Single Tanks

– Drop Work Stations

– Delivery Trucks



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