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We offer budget development, bookkeeping services, tax preparation and filing services, notary public services as well as accounting and management consulting. If you have something else you need help with, just ask. We are always open for a new challenge.

We recognize that every situation is different, so we focus on getting to know and understand our clients such that they become like family to us. This allows us to provide the best possible service designed specifically for them.

We offer our services anywhere in the United States and are happy to go international if there is someone we can assist.

Our philosophy is simple…

We are only successful if we help others achieve their goals.

Jeff Moody started the company after watching his parents and friends work through the same seemingly simple problems repeatedly. At first, Jeff was frustrated that everyone kept asking the same questions repeatedly. Then his mom reminded him…they were simple to him because he had experienced the issues before and as a result had learned the hard way how to navigate the different scenarios and how to resolve the issues.

His parents and others mentioned on more than one occasion that he should record those lessons so that others could learn from his mistakes and not have to struggle. Initially he just laughed it off. Finally, he realized that there was a need and a demand for his skills. Knowing he wasn’t the only one who had skills to share, he set up and structured the business so that he could tap into resources he had developed over the years and be better able to ensure his client’s needs are met


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