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Mrs. Marglous Maas is an expert trial attorney.  Prior to working at Sawyer Marglous, P.C., Mrs. Marglous Maas spent a number of years working as a Public Defender in the City of Saint Louis, Missouri.  Mrs. Marglous Maas has spent countless hours in the courtroom defending her clients.  Mrs. Marglous Maas has a passion for law and believes strongly in the right of clients to receive the best and most capable defense possible.

Mrs. Marglous Maas holds a Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor.  Mrs. Marglous Maas is licensed in both State and Federal cases.


Mr. Marglous grew up in Clayton, Missouri and graduated from Clayton High School. Mr. Marglous attended Washington University in St. Louis. An intelligent and highly-capable student, Mr. Marglous graduated in three years. Mr. Marglous was a member of the Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Marglous attended Washington University in St. Louis’ School of Law, earning his Juris Doctor degree. Mr. Marglous then attend New York University for his Master of Laws (LL.M), but left school prior to graduating and joined the Army. Mr. Marglous served the Army in France working for NATO during the post-WW2 reconstruction of Europe.

Upon his return back to St. Louis, Mr. Marglous began his legal career working for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). After the IRS, Mr. Marglous started his private law practice. Mr. Marglous was always an advocate of helping “the little guy” and believed strongly that a legal career was a “profession” and to treat each client and interaction with respect and dignity.



7711 Bonhomme Ave # 300 Saint Louis MO 63105 US

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