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Meet Mr. Clark

Hello, I am Deyzon Clark. I am a 30-year-old investor from Topeka Kansas and the owner of Still Producing LLC. I take pride in putting people in position to win and serving in the real-estate field. I bought my first for $30,000! I ended up renting it for 3 years and end up selling it for six figures  and I’ve never looked back since. My philosophy is: BUY LOW, SALE HIGH it’s simple.

I invested in houses for the first few years learning the business then I started to understand how to approach different deals.  I look for deal with high returns. This is called ROI return on investment.


When I look at deal, I’m simply looking at the time it will take me to finish it and if it will be a buy and hold situation, I only hold commercial properties at this time it is a higher return. Bigger the risk bigger the reward.  

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